Since 1981, InterTest® has provided remote visual inspection (RVI) tools and non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment to a wide range of customers.  Our extensive experiences with multiple testing and inspection methods (combined with innovative engineering and a talented manufacturing staff) meets or exceeds the demanding requirements of our customers.  From aircraft engines to the car racing track, from power generation boilers to arctic environments, from high radiation, high temp to high vacuum, we have successfully solved demanding requirements in remote viewing and testing.  A knowledgeable sales staff leads a responsive team in support of our customer’s needs.

Within the discipline of RVI, InterTest specializes in video and optical inspection under white, ultraviolet and infrared light.  RVI tools allow users to see flaws in hidden and hazardous places off limits to the naked eye. InterTest manufactures an extensive line of RVI equipment, from borescopes and light sources to robotic camera integrations and custom engineered designs built to answer customer specific applications. InterTest's trained technicians also perform application consulting and field service.

Within the discipline of NDT, InterTest specializes in ultrasonic, eddy current, fluorescent penetrant and  magnetic particle inspection. Ultrasonic technology is used to find internal flaws in metal and composites, and also to measure thickness.  Eddy current testing identifies surface flaws in conductive materials, ferrous, and non-ferrous.  It is also used to sort alloys and heat treat condition.  Penetrate and magnetic particle inspection techniques identify surface flaws with fluorescing particles that are drawn, by capillary action or magnetization, to flaws. InterTest sells solutions based on all of the above technologies, but also performs the system integration and automation required to make them viable and effective in specialized applications.  Consultation, contract design and prototyping in our area of expertise is often provided.