History of InterTest

Founded in 1981, InterTest®, Inc. is a premier supplier of specialized vision products, remote visual inspection (RVI) tools, and non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment. Manufacturing RVI solutions under the iShot Imaging brand while representing other leading RVI and NDT manufacturers, InterTest excels at providing solutions to allow for viewing and accessing areas previously out of reach.

InterTest® started as a two-man business representing manufacturers of NDT equipment in the northeastern United States.  In addition, inspection services were provided to refineries and power plants based on ultrasonic and remote visual testing methods.

We were quick to realize the need for innovation in testing equipment, techniques, and support apparatus. An early lesson learned was that success in the sale of equipment and services was best achieved when supported by a strong foundation of the sciences behind the methods, utilization of emerging technologies, and addressing customers’ needs in training and problem solving.

The company enjoyed steady growth through the 80’s and expanded its sales range throughout the northeastern states by opening satellite offices in the Pittsburgh and the Washington DC areas.  What started out as design and manufacture of support accessories soon grew to product development and expansion of testing methods to include eddy current and acoustic emission methods. Strong demand for innovation in the nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and general manufacturing sectors propelled product development and led to the creation of a service-based second business: Visual Inspection Technologies.

Hands on experience in field services, integration of inspection systems, and development of new products all contributed to a broad knowledge base that is second to none in the industry. Through the 1990’s, facilities staff and infrastructure were added to support a larger business base.  With the addition of Tom Daly as Sales Manager in 1990, the sales and marketing team was able to effect sales on a worldwide basis.The 90’s also witnessed the addition of engineering talents in mechanical, electrical, and optical areas.

Steady growth allowed us to occupy the current shop in Columbia, NJ in 2001.  This 12,000 square foot modern facility is headquarters and home to Sales and Marketing, Engineering and Manufacturing.  State of the art equipment, combined with years of application experience, is brought together under one roof to support the needs of customers in the testing industry.