Felker Brothers Corporation

Customer:  Felker Brothers Corporation

Products & Services:  Welded stainless steel pipe, tube, fittings and miscellaneous piping accessories

InterTest Product:  iShot® Weld-i® 1000 Weld Monitoring Video System

Date:  January 30, 2013 



Felker Brothers Corp. greatly appreciates your experience, efforts and patience with helping us determine the best camera for use in our “75” Tube Mill.  I appreciate all of the conversations, site visits and sending in demo equipment for us to use and get familiar with before we purchased the systems.

We started out with the one camera looking at the ID welder on the downstream side to be able to see what the trailing puddle looked like as it was welding, and also, to see how the tungsten was holding up during the process.  By installing the camera it allowed us to see what was actually happening at the point in which we could do something about it instead of 70 feet later.  In the past, the operator was making judgment calls based solely on the glow of the ID torch from the OD of the pipe.  If it wasn’t welding correctly we would find out about 70 feet later, when the pipe was coming out of the end of the mill.  If it wasn’t a good weld, then you have 70 plus feet of scrap.  Then the operator would make an adjustment or shutdown the mill to try and determine what caused the defects.  If the operator only made some type of adjustment to the welding parameters, they would have to wait another 70 feet or stop the mill and cutout a piece to see if the change worked.  With the camera, we were able to see what the weld looked like as it was welding.  If adjustments are needed we can now see the effect immediately.  Being a producer of Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube, scrap can is very costly and can quickly add up, especially on this machine. We run strip 33” to 40” wide and up to 0.350” thickness.

Once we realized the impact the one camera had, we purchased another system to look at the ID welder as the seam was being presented to it. This helped with ensuring the torch was "on seam" and we could actually see what the seam presentation was coming into the torch.

The amount of real-time information these cameras have given us has greatly reduced our scrap dollars, helped us to improve our overall quality and reduced downtime. These camera systems paid for themselves in one production run. The installation was very simple on this mill.

We are now working on designing new ID Bars for two other mills to allow the installation of ID cameras and also looking where we can utilize these camera systems to have a better view of our penetrating OD torches.


Thank You,

Robert W. Steger

Production Manager

Felker Brothers Corporation

Glasgow, KY  42141



Customer:  BRISMET

Products & Services:  An industry leader in stainless, duplex, super duplex, 6 moly, nickel alloy and titanium welded steel pipe manufacture since 1941.

InterTest Product:  iShot® Weld-i® 1000 Weld Monitoring Video System

Date:  MARCH 13, 2013 


Camera Usage for Weld Control

We currently have seven Weld-i 1000 cameras installed on our continuous mills in our facility. These cameras allow us to monitor the positioning of the weld in the seam. By using these, the operator is not exposed to the weld beam, but can still see what is taking place inside the seam real time. 

In addition to the benefit of reduced exposure to the weld beam, these cameras also are helpful because they magnify the image which makes it much easier to keep the torch in the proper location in the seam.

We use the Weld-i 1000 cameras with a UV filter. This enables the operator to look directly at the fusion point without being blinded by the beam. We have 15 inch monitors that are in totally enclosed cases to protect them from damage.

These products are very useful and have been a very beneficial addition to our processes. They are well built and hold up very well in a hot and dusty environment.



Jeffrey Quillen