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  • 12mm condenser lens
iShot Accessories

E. Condensing Lens for Fiberoptic Lightguide - 12mm



  • Transform universal light guide end into focused light source
  • 12mm diameter focus lens
  • 20 inch spot diameter at 30 inches distance
  • 36 degree beam angle

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Turn a universal light guide into a focused light source with the 12mm condenser lens. Produces a 20" spot with 146-152 fc (foot candles) at a distance of 30" away from target. Perfect for any white light illumination needs.



No Lens EM14282 12mm Condenser Lens EM14283 18mm Condenser Lens

16" from target

170 fc 470 fc 890 fc*
27" from target N/A N/A

500 fc

30" from target 62 fc 146-152 fc 290 fc
Spot Diameter (30" from target) 36"  20" 13"
Included Angle (30" from target) 62º 36º 24º

*Calculated fc (foot candles), actual value off scale.