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  • USB 3.0 Interface Board for the Compact Sony FCB-MA130
XBlock Interface Board Kits

iShot® XBlock® USB 3.0 Interface Board for the Compact Sony FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132, and FCB-MA133



  • SONY FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132 and FCB-MA133 to USB3.0 Interface
  • 1080p 30fps Video Streaming
  • Still image capture
  • Power over USB
  • One cable solution
  • I2C Camera Control via USB

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The iShot® XBlock® USB 3.0 interface board has been specifically designed to work with Sony FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132, and FCB-MA133 cameras. Enabling all features on this exceptional camera to be utilized over USB 3.0.

The small size of the Sony FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132, and FCB-MA133 is a major advantage in many applications and the USB 3.0 interface has been designed to complement, allowing a very small total solution. It also takes its power from the USB host computer allowing single cable operation.

The iShot® XBlock® USB 3.0 interface board connects to the  FCB-MA130, FCB-MA132, and FCB-MA133 via an FCC cable. It connects to the CMOS parallel interface and the I2C control lines. The FPGA on board convert’s commands received via USB, to the appropriate I2C protocol commands on the camera.

A DMA channel on the FPGA is used to read the data and send it to the USB3.0 channel.

The hardware also adds the appropriate UVC header allowing easy interfacing on the host PC. Standard UVC controls are implemented and other functions can be handled via extended commands that implement register access.

All resolutions and frame rates supported by the camera including still images can be streamed via USB3.0. Including 1080p @ 30fps.


Digital Cables

iShot® USB 3.0 Cable 3 Meters (9.8 ft) - Y Cable, 2 USB A Male to 1 USB Micro B


Draw power from a secondary USB port while exchanging your data.


iShot® 2 inch FFC / FPC Jumper Cable, 45C 0.30mm


The FPC (Flex Printed Circuit) measures 2 inches in length with a grid dimension of 0.30mm.

  • USB 3.0 Firmware and Software

    For the latest USB 3.0 firmware and software please visit this link:

    If you need assistance, please call us at 908-496-8008.



  • Adobe PDF

    USB 3.0 Interface Board for Sony FCB-MA130 Catalog Sheet

    (1.8 MB)


  • Adobe PDF

    USB 3.0 Interface Board Technical Manual (for Sony FCB-MA130)

    (1.7 MB)