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About Tru-Vu

Choose TRU-Vu LCD Monitors For Your LCD Displays, Custom LCD Monitors, Industrial LCD Display Panels and Rugged LCD Screen Displays brings you the best LCD monitors available today.  Available in a wide range of sizes, our standard LCD displays, rack mount monitors, touch screen monitors, medical displays and mobile monitors utilize industrial-grade components and Class-A LCD panels to ensure exceptional image quality and robust, long-term performance.  Our custom LCD monitors enable you to specify the features, size and performance you need in a LCD display monitor in order to meet all of your application requirements.  Be sure to browse our product listings for LCD display monitors, mobile LCD display panels, touch screen monitors, rack mount monitors, portable LCD display monitors, and sunlight readable monitors as well as our custom LCD monitors.  TRU-Vu Monitors can provide the rugged LCD monitor you need at a price you can afford.

  • The best LCD monitors available to ensure brilliant, clear color images
  • Industrial-grade components and high-end processing boards ensure reliable long-term performance, 24/7 operation, and optimal image quality
  • Modify/customize our standard LCD displays to meet your needs
  • Custom LCD Monitors built to your exact specifications
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Aspect Ratio LCD display monitors
  • LCD Display screen sizes ranging from 3.5" to 52"
  • Available for 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 110 VAC, and 220 VAC operation
  • Private-label LCD monitors with your company name, logo, and model number
  • Guaranteed long-term availability ( 3+ years) for all OEM industrial LCD monitors
  • Ideal for industrial, commercial, medical, tele-medicine, law enforcement, broadcast, A/V, teleconferencing, telepresence, gaming, retail and transportation applications
  • All inventory, sales, service and tech support is located in the USA
  • 3-Year Warranty, with Advance Replacement


Industrial Monitors, Rugged LCD and Custom Monitors to fit all needs for ALL Industries

TRU-Vu offers a vast selection of rugged lcd's and industrial monitors, portable LCD monitors, rack mount monitors, and small LCD's.  Whether you need tft screens, touch screen LCD monitors, surgical displays or an amazing selection of modified or custom monitors, TRU-Vu can modify or custom-build a LCD monitor which best suits your needs.  We have an extensive list of monitor options available.  Consult our technical reference page for useful and educational information to help you best fill your LCD monitor needs. There is a TRU-VU monitor that can be matched to nearly any analog, composite video, S-Video, RGB, DVI, HDMI, GigE, USB, Firewire or HD camera you may have.

LCD Displays: 3.5 inches to 10.4 inches

TRU-Vu Industrial Monitors offer an extensive selection of small LCD monitors for a wide range of applications.  From our popular 3.5" small LCD monitor to numerous versions of our 10.4" LCD, TRU-Vu has the ability to provide rack mount monitors, sunlight readable monitors, medical displays and surgical displays, mobile monitors, touchscreens, portable monitors, bnc monitors, composite video lcd monitors, and optically bonded monitors to meet your needs.

TRU-Vu offers a wide range of mobile LCD video monitors, used for in-vehicle video recording for police car recording systems, rear vision camera systems, construction and waste management vehicle video systems, school bus camera systems, and mass transit video systems. 

TRU-Vu offers a variety of LCD display solutions to meet nearly any OEM mobile video system requirement: flip down monitors, ceiling-mount, dash-mount and floor-mount LCD displays; sizes ranging from 3.5" to 12"; for use with single, dual, triple or quad cameras;  standard or touch screen monitors; sunlight readable monitors; ABS or metal housings; and much more.

TRU-Vu has also developed many custom LCD monitor configurations designed to meet specific OEM customer requirements. All LCD displays are available for OEM private label on the monitor, labels, and the packaging.


Customized Industrial Monitors from Tru-Vu

Design and customize your monitor to get you exactly what you need!

Standard LCD monitors are often adequate for typical viewing, monitoring, and control applications.  However, sometimes you may require simple (or complex) customizations to the electronics, enclosures, user controls, or mounting.  Therefore, TRU-Vu Monitors offer you the unique capability to customize a LCD module with the features, functionality and capabilities that you need.  These can be minor modifications, or complete overhauls.  Any of the VM-Series LCD displays shown on our 12"-52" Monitors page can be customized to meet your needs.  We offer a variety of configurations and options, including open frame lcd, rack mount monitor, touchscreen monitors, sunlight readable monitors, medical displays and surgical displays, panel mount monitors, integrated cameras, card readers, RFID scanners, all-in-one designs with embedded pc's, custom electronics and much more.  There is practically no limit to what we can provide.  We also offer FREE design services to help you build the ideal custom monitor solution, literally from the ground up.  See our Monitor Options page for more details.

Once your custom monitor design is complete, it receives a unique 3-digit custom number which identifies this as your exclusive monitor; it will only be available to you.  No one else can order this model, they will be referred back to you. Our OEM customers love this! This protects your intellectual property, and ensures your return on investment.

Lastly, Tru-Vu will guarantee long-term availability of your design.  Unlike consumer-grade/retail monitors which have a 3 to 12 month life, we can ensure your model is available for at least 3 (or many more) years.


Private Label

Our standard, modified and custom monitors can also be private-labeled to your specifications.  We offer three levels of private label LCD monitors:

Level One:  Your company name, logo and model number on the rear label of the LCD monitor and on the outside of the shipping carton. 25 pcs. minimum

Level Two:  Above, plus silk-screen name/logo on the front of the monitor. 100 pcs minimum. 

Level Three:  Above plus custom-printed shipping cartons and instruction sheets. 250 pcs minimum.