MicroFlex Semi-Rigid

The Hawkeye MicroFlex Semi Rigid Borescopes contain 10,000 fiber imaging bundles, 6 inches long, 0.9mm OD and offer 0 or 90 degree views.

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Borescope Video Kits

Our Camera video kits  provide all of the necessary cables and equipment to perform video inspections with standard borescope equipment. 

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Milliscope II Rigid

The detachable-tip design of the MilliScope II rigid borescope scope permits quick, easy swapping of front ends to address different applications. Outer diameters available in 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm.

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Milliscope II Semi-Rigid

The MilliScope II Detachable Semi-Rigid Borescope Front Ends measure 1.0mm, 1.5mm or 2mm in outer diameter.  Utilizing a fiber-based lens design, our small diameter semi-rigid borescopes are capable of delivering crisp, bright images to an eyepiece or CCD camera.

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Milliscope II Flexible

The Milliscope II fiberscopes or flexible borescopes are common for long, straight tube and pipe inspections. These products can navigate around bends or corners but rely on the force of the user pushing the product to make the turns. Outer diameters available in 1.5mm or 2mm.

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Milliscope II Flexible FX Series

The MilliScope II FX Fiberscopes are available in 1.5mm, 2mm or 3mmouter diameters with lengths ranging from 300mm to 1000mm.

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Milliscope II CL Rigid

The solid glass element inside a rigid MilliScope II CL borescope transmits images without pixilating and features a continuous light guide configuration. These laboratory-grade scopes deliver maximum resolution through holes starting as narrow as 0.7mm, and permit precision focusing at the objective end.


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Milliscope II CL Semi-Rigid

The Milliscope II CL Semi-Rigid borescopes are detachable front end fiber-based instruments with a rigid sheathing surrounding the insertion probe. They perform optically like a fiberscope, but physically like a rigid borescope. Outer diameters available in 0.5mm, 0.7mm or 1mm.


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Milliscope II CL Flexible

Detachable, flexible borescope ends allow for easy replacment of a damaged scope end or a quick change of length or diameter - all while using the same dark milliscope body. The continuous light provides a higher intensity of light to the target area. 

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Milliwand II Semi-Rigid

The MilliWand II Semi Rigid borescope interchangable front ends have outer diameters available in 1.5 mm or 2mm.  The MilliWand tip has a flexible tether joining the inspection probe to the instrument body. This gives the user a lightweight, handheld tool that enhances inspection agility and comfort.

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About Borescopes

Flexible Borescopes have a flexible insertion shaft with or without control of the tip (articulation) and are used when a straight path to the target is not available. Flexible borescopes can either transmit or carry the image via a CCD sensor or coherent fiber bundle.

Semi-rigid Borescopes use the insides of a fiberscope and the outsides of a rigid borescope to create a durable product. Semi rigid borescope products are a great solution for harsh, repetitive inspections where more fragile rigid borescope solutions won't hold up.

Rigid Borescopes are known for their high quality images, but fragility and durability are sometimes a concern with smaller diameters. Rigid borescopes use solid glass lenses in a line to carry the image from the target to the eyepiece or CCD.

Video Borescopes use a CCD sensor at the distal or working end, video scopes provide higher quality images than traditional fiberscopes. Flexible video borescope products are typically larger in diameter and range from 3.5mm OD to 10.3mm OD. They can either have control of the distal or working end (articulating) or not (non-articulating).

UV Borescopes and UV Videoscopes provide a small diameter view when using ultraviolet illumination for fluorescent penetrant inspection or Magnetic particle testing. This type of UV lighting inspection is used on turbines, pipes and  castings. UV borescopes are available in a range of lengths and diameters to suit your specific target area. UV borescopes use a liquid light guide and a UV light source for a complete inspection unit.