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About Zibra CoreView Videoscopes


The Zibra CoreView Videoscope measures only 2.75 mm (0.108”) in diameter and a working flexible shaft length of 800mm (braid / monocoil Nylon extrusion w/ integral bending section). Select from a 0 or 90 degree FOV, both equipped with 2 way articulation and a high resolution CMOS imager, 250H x 250V (62,500 effective pixels).  The Zibra CoreView Videoscope features a USB 2.0 video output and custom fitted storage case.

The Zibra CoreView Videoscope's distal rigid tip length of 7.5 mm bending section length of 15 mm with a non-metallic scope working length (no exposed metal), a custom extrusion / multi-element flexible scope sheathing braid / monocoil Nylon extrusion w/ integral bending section.

CoreView offers a 3-50 mm depth of focus / 5 mm optimal focal length / 90 degree Field of View (diagonal in air). The videoprobe provides ease and comfort during use with ergonomic articulation handle control design w/ real time tip motion shape holding capability.

The Coreview Video borescope is paired with a cold light fiberoptic light source, the iShot LED LSX24B, light source sold separately.

Camera System Functions:

  • CMOS Imager, 250H x 250V (62,500 effective pixels)
  • Gain correction (PRNU correction)
  • White balance / brightness adjustment
  • Grab bitmaps / store raw video files of any length / replay raw video files
  • Enable external image processing

PC USB Output:

Runs off of Zibra Corp software package to view / adjust / record scope image to a PC via USB 2.0 connection. Software runs under WINDOWS XP, Vista and 7.  Software and PC sold separately.