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Educational Instruction Discount for the WeldWatch® Camera System


Do you Qualify for an Educational Discount?

If you are a Welding instructor, you may be eligible for a discount on your WeldWatch® Camera investment. 

Download the Educational Discount Application now.



The Visible Welding® WeldWatch® EDU Camera System enhances the "hands on" welding experience by allowing the instructor to record, view and discuss the student's welding performance.  From beginner to expert, the WeldWatch camera captures both the "do's and the don'ts" for the majority of today's welding processes.

How can the Visible Welding® WeldWatch® Camera System Enhance your Welding Instruction?

Instructional delivery
  • Group viewing of close-up of live welding
  • Video clips for use in a classroom setting
  • Online course materials for review and distance learning
Document Student Engagement and Progress
  • Allow students to record and review their welding sessions themselves
  • Allow students to submit their sessions for review by an instructor
  • Enable students to save and post their best videos to YouTube for a video resume
Benefits to the Welding School
  • Connect with other WeldWatch users to share ideas, videos, best practices…… 
  • Develop marketing videos for student recruitment
  • Greatly enhance the visitor experience for open-houses by offering a view inside the weld booth without a shield. 

Educational Institution Discount Requirements

We require an Instructor's valid school ID from a Certified Welding Technical School to apply a discount*.  Download the EDU Discount Application to receive an educational institution discount on the WeldWatch camera. Once complete, email the application to  Other terms and conditions may apply*





*A Qualified School is an educational facility that teaches welding. This excludes manufacturing customers with in-house welding programs. 
All products purchased under this program are intended for educational purposes. Participating educational institutions may not resell to any third party.  
Discount applies to camera and software only.
To receive the discount – a Qualified School must complete the WeldWatch® Educational Discount Program Application Form, email us at for details.


  • Adobe PDF

    Visible Welding® WeldWatch® Educational Discount Application

    (91.5 KB)