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iShot Camera Systems

B. iShot® PTZ-550A Camera System



  • Ask us about the HD Version! 
  • Fits through 5.5 inch (140mm) diameter opening
  • Can turn to right angle in 6 inch ID pipe
  • Total operating envelope from fixed mount 7.25 inch (184.2mm) sphere
  • Overall height 11 inches
  • Continuous 360 degree Pan, 245 degree tilt
  • 36x Optical Zoom - Sony FCB-EX1020 Color Camera
  • Image Stabilization, Progressive Scan, Automatic Wide D On/Off, Auto Gain
  • 6061 Anodized Aluminum Housing can accommodate ALL Sony FCB IX, EX and HD Series Block Cameras
  • Rugged Design, Submersible and Rated to 100’ (30.48 M) Depth
  • Kevlar, Reinforced Polyurethane Cable
  • Illumination - Two 35 Watt Lamps, one Spot and one Flood

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Items Included

The iShot® PTZ-550A is a powerful Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Camera developed for the world's most challenging remote vision applications. The robust camera head assembly is manufactured out of anodized aluminum to maintain it's easy maneuverability and lightweight presence, while also allowing it to go into the most critical of areas. The 36x Optical, 12x Digital, delivers a total zoom ratio of 432x allowing the operator to "reach" into the most remote areas to ensure quality and safety. The PTZ-550A also features a continuous 360° pan as well as a 245° tilt, ensuring that no area is out of sight. Light is provided by two 35 Watt Lamps - one Spot and one Flood, perfect for extremely dark areas. The lighting system allows for independent control of each lamp to achieve ideal lighting no matter what inspection is being performed. The PTZ-550 is easily implemented onto pre-existing mounting mechanism and was designed with being easily retrofitted to pre-existing inspection stations.

The system includes the PTZ-550A Camera Head Assembly, a Control Box for manipulation of the mechanical motions, the lighting system, and the advanced controls of the camera module itself. Also included is a 100' Kevlar, Reinforced Polyurethane Cable, with deployment reel.  The powerful camera module embedded inside of the PTZ-550A boasts the latest in CCD technology, including features such as Image Stabilization, an Automatic Wide-Dynamic range, and a Digital Output interface.  The PTZ-550A measures 5.5-inches (140 mm) in diameter with a total operating envelope from fixed mount 7.25 inch (184.2mm) sphere. Equipped with a 36x Optical Zoom, Auto Focus, and Image Stabilization provide sharp, high resolution video of hazardous and inaccessible areas.

Optional Sony FCB-EX Block Modules, including the HD (high definition) Sony FCB-H11, are compatible with the PTZ-550A.



Common applications for the PTZ-550A include a multitude of applications such as Nuclear Fuel Bundle/Serial Number Verification, Reactor Vessel, Large Pipe Inspections, Monitoring of Contaminated Rooms and Hot Cells, Steam Generator Bowl and Secondary Side Inspection, Tanks and Vessels,. Some other non-Nuclear applications include Weld Inspections, Corrosion Evaluation, Fuel tank inspection and any kind of application where human access is either dangerous or impossible.



Camera Specifications
Signal System
1/4-inch SuperHAD IT CCD, Progressive Scan
Horizontal TV Lines
36x Optical Zoom
Digital Zoom
Horizontal Angle of View
57.8 degrees (wide) to 1.7 degrees (tele)
Minimum Object Distance
10mm (wide) to 1,500mm (tele) *Default: 320mm
Minimum Illumination
1.4 lux (F1.
S/N Ratio
More than 50 dB (weight ON)
Backlight Compensation
On/Off Selectable
Electronic Shutter
1/1 to 1/10,000 sec. 22 steps
White Balance Settings
Auto, ATW, Indoor, Outdoor, Outdoor Auto, Sodium Vapor Lamp (fix/auto), 1-Push WB, Manual WB
Auto/Manual Gain
-3 to 28 dB (2 dB steps)
Auto Exposure Settings
Auto, Manual, Priority (shutter priority and Iris priority), Bright, EV Compensation, Slow AE
Wide Dynamic Range
Integrated Camera Head Specifications
Pan Range
360 degrees
Tilt Range
245 degrees
35 Watt Spot Lamp
12 degrees
35 Watt Flood Lamp
30 degrees
Total Operating Envelope
7.25 inch sphere
Minimum Hole Clearance Required
5.51 inch Diameter or larger
6061 Anodized Aluminum Housing, waterproof up to 100 feet
Slip Crutches On Pan & Tilt Axies, splashproof camera head
Detachable Cable
Kevlar, Reinforced Polyurethane Cable
Portable Control Interface
Video Output
NTSC or PAL (Composite and S-Video)
Control Functions
Zoom In/Out, Pan Left/ Right, Pan Speed, Tilt Up/Down, Tilt Speed, Flood Lights On/Off & Intensity, Spot LightsOn/Off & Intensity, Autofocus On/Off, Manual Focus Near/Far,Gain Adjustment, Shutter Adjustment
RS232 Port For PC Uplink, Aux. Port For Optional Pendant, PS/2 Keyboard Port For On-Screen Text Editor


Components in System[+]

iShot® PTZ-550A Camera Head


The PTZ-550A camera head measures 5.5 inches x 11 inches in a 6061 anodized aluminum waterproof housing (up to 100 ft) and can fit through 5.5 inch (140mm) diameter opening turning to a right angle in 6 inch ID pipe.  Continuous 360 degree Pan, 245 degree tilt equipped with 36x Optical Zoom, image stablization, progressive scan, wide D and both 35 Watt spot and flood lamp illumination.

iShot® PTZ-400/550 Camera Control Unit


The PTZ Camera control unit allows the operator control of Pan, tilt, zoom, focus, illumination, and other camera features.

iShot® 100-foot Cable for SD PTZ-550A, PTZ-400A, PTZ-275A Camera Systems


100 foot Kevlar, Reinforced Polyurethane Cable with strain relief connecting the base of the camera unit to the camera control unit. The cable to camera head connection is submersible in water up to 100 feet. For use with the PTZ-550A, PTZ-400A, or PTZ-275A Camera Systems.

iShot® Cable Reel for PTZ Systems


This cable reel holds up to 150-feet of cable for any of the iShot Imaging PTZ systems. The convenient handle allows for easy transport of the cable keeping the deployment and retrieval quick and simple.

iShot® PTZ-550 Storage Case


The custom PTZ-500 rugged travel case stores the PTZ-500 camera head, control unit and ccu power.

Monitors and Displays

A. Sony LMD-1510W 15.6 inch LCD Color Monitor


The LMD-1510W is a 15.6-inch WXGA (1366 x 768) multi-format professional monitor featuring a 10-bit processor to ensure accurate picture reproduction with less image artefacts. Combined with a high purity filter, the LMD-1510W provides excellent color depth for precise color reproduction. Composite, Y/C, RGB/Component, HDMI, and IP Mode. HD-SDI available via BKM341HS (sold Separately.

PTZ Attachments

iShot® PTZ Magnetic Base


The PTZ magnetic base assembly attaches to the PTZ camera head which allows the PTZ to be mounted to a flat magnetic surface.


iShot® 16' Telescoping pole with Adapter for iShot® PTZ Camera Systems


The iShot® 16' Telescoping pole measures 4 feet  up to 16 feet and is equipped with an adapter connecting the iShot® PTZ Camera head to the telescoping pole.

iShot® PTZ Coupler Attachment for Sectional Poles


The PTZ coupler attachment for sectional poles threads on to the base of the PTZ Camera Head to become an adapter in order to attach sectional poles (EM18134) accessories. 

iShot® PTZ 6 foot Sectional Pole with Captive Hardware, Nuclear Grade


The iShot® 6 foot sectional nuclear grade pole with captive hardware connects to the coupler attachment (EM18133) to allow raising and lowering of our iShot® PTZ camera heads, both vertically and horizontally for inspection.

iShot® PTZ Sectional Pole Carrying Case


Carrying case can store up to a quantity of (6) 6 foot sectional poles. Ideal for stoarge and travel.

Inline Cables

iShot® 10 foot In-line Cable (Cable to CCU) for the PTZ Camera System


The in-line cable is for use between the EXISTING cable and and the CCU.

iShot® 25 foot In-line Cable (Cable to CCU) for the PTZ Camera System


The in-line cable is for use between the EXISTING cable and and the CCU.

iShot® 50 foot In-line Cable (Cable to CCU) for the PTZ Camera System


The in-line cable is for use between the EXISTING cable and and the CCU.

iShot® 50 foot Lightweight In-line Cable for PTZ Camera Systems - NW


50 foot "lightweight" in-line cable for the iShot PTZ Camera Systems.

iShot® 100 foot Lightweight In-line Cable for PTZ Camera Systems - NW


100 foot "lightweight" in-line cable for the iShot PTZ Camera Systems.

Tripods, Mounts and Fixtures

iShot® Fiberglass Tripod with Leveling Pad and Clamp for PTZ Systems


iShot® Fiberglass Tripod with Leveling Pad allows the user to position, stabilize, and lower the PTZ Camera into a target inspection area.

Replacement Lamps & Misc.

iShot® 35 Watt (24v) Halogen Flood Lamp for the PTZ-400 and PTZ-550


35 Watt Flood lamp provides a wide illumination area for inspection in dark environments.

iShot® 35 Watt (24v) Halogen Spot Lamp for the PTZ-550


35 Watt spot lamp allows the operator to pin point the illumination beam to inspect a specific area in dark environments.