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WeldWatch Testimonials

Lakeshore Technical College Testimonial

"A student approached me for some one on one time to help her better understand what she was doing wrong when welding in the vertical position.  I had her come to the lab early the next morning and placed her in front of the camera when running the joint.  After finishing her weld, we played back the recorded footage and viewed it together.  What she discovered was that her arc length was too long causing undercut and now understood how to correct it.  The camera has given us another tool that we can use to help students succeed!"


Jeremy Dekker

Welding Instructor CWI/CWE

Lakeshore Technical College, Wisconsin


Schoolcraft College Testimonial

"Our welding department recently tried using a Go-Pro camera taped to a welding helmet in hopes to a record a weldment. Needless to say it was not of any quality that benefited our students. But using the WeldWatch.EDU Tutoring Station® we were able record different weldments using different techniques. This technology makes an incredible impact on the success of our welding students.

It is difficult to perform a hands-on welding demonstration for over 12 students in a tight space. Usually what happens is that maybe 3 students get close to the weld, and the rest will stay back and act as if they can see. Those who miss the first demonstration usually need a repeat demonstration. The WeldWatch.EDU Tutoring Station® projects the welding process on a big screen in real time for the entire classroom to see at once. We also can record the instructor’s welds as well as the student’s welds to compare and critique.

It is very hard for a welding student to see how to manipulate a weld puddle in the beginning. Demonstrations are critical but often times the students cannot see the exact perspective the demonstrator can see. The WeldWatch.EDU Tutoring Station® allows us to strategically record the physical movement and technique of the instructor. The students have access to the weld videos at all times which inevitably leads to improvement."


Coley Mclean

Schoolcraft College

Livonia, Michigan