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About Watec

Watec introduces the new Watec WAT-2200P 3G-SDI high definition camera.  The WAT-2200P is an inexpensive solution to broadcast level video imagery solutions providing color low light images down into the 0.1LUX range. Fully adjustable OSD menu and options allow the user to set the camera to the intended environment with a few easy steps.

About Watec

Watec is a leading manufacturer of compact, lightweight CCD cameras for use in surveillance, image processing and FA systems. Currently, Watec is producing one of the smallest and versatile Color, Mono and Day/Night CCD cameras for system integration in the industry.

Watec CCD cameras are favorably used in security, military, law enforcement, surveillance, medical and industrial markets around the world. The application and usage of Watec cameras range from simple to complex integrations. Watec cameras which are of high quality with technical reliability are, for instance, used in outer space, in subtropical areas, dry and cold regions around the world and even in various modes of transport such as elevators, buses, ships and trains.


Watec Camera models available for system integrations include:

Watec WAT-2200P, WAT-2200, WAT-200DW, WAT-221S, WAT-231S, WAT-250D, WAT-202D, WAT-400D, WAT-600CX, WAT-202B, WAT-204CX, WAT-230A, WAT-230J, WAT-260S, WAT-240VIVID, WAT-207A, WAT-240F25, WAT-240F50, WAT-240F, WAT-200D, WAT-120N, WAT-100N, WAT-902DM2S, WAT-902DM2, WAT-902H2SUPREME, WAT-902H, WAT-902B, WAT-525EX, WAT-127LH, WAT-902DM3S, WAT-902DM3, WAT-902H3SUPREME, WAT-535EX, WAT-137LH, WAT-502B, WAT-660D, WAT-704R, WAT-704RFA, WAT300DH3