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  • Hitachi DI-SC210 Compact Full HD 1080/60p Block Camera with 10x Zoom, Low Light, and High Speed Auto Focus

Hitachi DI-SC210 Compact Full HD 1080/60p Block Camera with 10x Zoom, Low Light, and High Speed Auto Focus



  • Hitachi DI-SC210
  • Compact Full HD color camera
  • 1920 x 1080, 60 fps
  • High speed auto focus
  • 10x zoom
  • Image sensor type 1/3 CMOS
  • Minimum sensitivity of 0.4lx
  • Enhanced intensity / whiteout reduction which reduces peak light levels
  • Ideal for traffic surveillance cameras, in car police cameras, video conferencing
  • Camera dimensions:  45mm x 50mm x 66.5mm

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Interface Boards

The compact, Full HD Hitachi DI-SC210 color camera boast an 10x zoom, high speed auto focus, minimum sensitivity of 0.4lx, and enhanced intensity / whiteout reduction. The Hitachi DI-SC210 is capable of 1920 x 1080 resolution video capture at a maximum framerate of 60 frames per second. The Hitachi proprietary high speed auto focus system allows the user to keep track of subjects rapidly and in high definition.


In addition to regular surveillance applications, the Hitachi DI-SC210 is perfect for traffic surveillance and as a vehicle mounted camera. Other applications include operating room monitoring, house of worship, and video conferencing systems.

Minimum Sensitivity 0.4lx

The sensitive CMOS sensor, lens and Hitachi's unique digital signal processor provide a minimum photo subject illumination of 0.4 lx.

Enhanced Intensity / White Reduction

The Hitachi DI-SC210 will reduce peak light levels to improve visibility, useful for situations such as reading license plates.



Camera dimensions:  45mm x 50mm x 66.5mm

48v PoE and IP Interfaces

Ionodes Atomas Mini LVDS Full HD 1080p60 H.264 IP Interface Board for Hitachi HD Block Cameras


The ATOMAS Mini encoder board for Hitachi block cameras is a feature-rich IP video encoder with video streaming at up to 1080p60 boasting a high profile H.264 video compression designed for a wide range of OEM camera designs.

USB 3.0 Interfaces

iShot® XBlock® FCB USB 3.0 Interface Board Kit for Sony HD Block Cameras


Connect your block camera to a PC with USB 3.0 super speed uncompressed video. Compatible with: iShot KZ10, Sony EV7520 (A), Sentech AF243, Sony Legacy EH/EV model, Hitachi Legacy Models (Hitachi models require 30-pin micro coax cable)

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