Inspect the Interior Condition of Aircraft Turbines with the New Automated WebViewer® System


InterTest, Inc. of Columbia, NJ is pleased to introduce the new WebViewer®, AWIS-5.  The Automated WebViewer Inspection System with programmable 4-axis motion control provides high-resolution color video images of Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) results from the internal surfaces of aircraft turbine motor drums or spools and shafting.   The system has powerful UV illumination enabling bright crisp views of indications.   Display and control monitors are easy to view and provide operators with vibrant images of web, ID, and weld surfaces showing FPI indications in great detail.  A Graphic User Interface (GUI) guides an operator through the inspection procedure and allows access to higher functions such as image processing, image capture, archiving, measurement, annotation, comparison, motion programming, and motion manual override.

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The AWIS-5 utilizes a remote focus ¼” color CCD camera, a patented dual white and UV illumination system, and interchangeable optical adapters on a rock solid computer controlled robotic delivery system to view fluorescent penetrant (and florescent magnetic particle) test results.  This combination assures complete coverage of inside surfaces with predetermined overlap and repeatable location of any feature or indication.   Image capture in BMP, JPG, or TIFF formats is easy and may be added to custom or premade report forms.   Manual motion control via a pendant or GUI is used for both scan plan programming and manual operations.  Several part fixtures are available and include motorized encoded rotation for full automation of a scan.

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The AWIS-5 evolved from the VIBES® and WebViewer® platforms, which have been in service for years with numerous airlines, OEM, and MRO organizations.  These systems have also been used to inspect the internals of landing gear, gun tubes and other high integrity parts. For more information contact, 908.496.8008.


Established in 1981, InterTest Inc. offers RVI and NDT systems, as well as, custom engineered solutions manufactured in our NJ facility (image below). Our customers include, but are not limited to the following industries; Aerospace, Security, Welding, Nuclear & Water Power Generation, Refineries, Mines, Bridge & Highways and Military.

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