Articulating Guide Tubes

iShot® iGrab™ Articulating Guide Tubes for FOSAR Retrieval Tools and Videoscopes


  • Guide tubes are available in lengths of 8 ft, 12 ft or 18 ft
  • For use with retrieval tools and video scopes no larger than 6mm OD (Channel ID 6.3mm)
  • Outer diameter of distal tip measures 12.7mm .5"
  • 4 way articulation, 100 degrees*
  • Handset is equipped with two controller knobs for articulation
  • Tungsten braid covered brass bronze bending neck section
  • Insertion tube material stainless steel monocoil/PVC/Tungsten Braid/coated with urethane to prevent compression
  • Objective Head and Angle Sleeve are 300 series Stainless Steel
  •  6061-T6 Aluminum with Black Hardcoat handle



Items Included


The 8 ft,  12 ft or 18 ft  iShot® iGrab™ 12.7mm OD articulating guide tube allows distal tip directional manipulation of retrieval tools  and video scopes measuring no more that 6mm OD. The 4 way articulating guide tube distal tip is controlled by a handset equipped with two knobs allowing for movement up to 90 degrees in 4 directions.

*Depending on the flexibility of the tool inserted into the guide tube, 100 degrees may not be achieved.



Includes articulating Guide Tube and storage case (26” x 24” x 8”).

  • Adobe PDF

    iShot® iGrab™ 4 Way Articulating Guide Tube Drawing

    (220.6 KB)


EM# Model # OD Length DOV  
AGT-6-4W-8 OD 12.7mm / ID 6.3mm 8 ft N/A
AGT-6-4W-12 OD 12.7mm / ID 6.3mm 12 ft N/A
AGT-6-4W-18 OD 12.7mm / ID 6.3mm 18 ft N/A