SNUG Summer Conference and Trade Show - XtendaCam Promotion 2016

It was great to meet you at the SNUG Snubber Show in Kentucky this summer. We were happy to introduce you to one of our premeire products, the iShot® XtendaCam® Tilt Pole Inspection Camera. The greatest features of the XtendaCam include a high quality integrated Sony camera image with zoom and recorder, LED illumination ring and an extension of the camera– up to 16', 4"!  The good news for you?  (1) No need for setting up scaffolding, tearing it down,... setting it back up.  (2) A reduced time and exposure during inspections.  (3) Recording and documenting inspections while also viewing in real time.  (4) The Xtenda Cam is an NDT standard for Snubber Inspection. In fact, it is a VT3 Qualified Inspection tool.


For a limited time, we have decided to offer our friends from the SNUG Snubber Show a deal that cannot be passed up!  We are offering the XtendaCam TIlt Pole Inspection Camera for $9,500., a savings of $1,500!


This price of $9,500* includes the XtendaCam Pole, camera and controller, rugged carrying case, (2) 3.6 Monitors, 32 GB Micro SD Card, Aux Battery Pack Charger, Battery pack kit, and Bi-Pod Kit.

Give us a call today to discuss! 908-496-8008 or email us at



*The XtendaCam Tilt Pole Camera Promotion is available to SNUG Snubber Show Attendees and Exhibitors only. Regular list price is $11,000. Offer expires December 31, 2016. Product specifications may change without notification. May not be combined with any other offer. InterTest, iShot, and XtendaCam are register trademarks of InterTest, Inc. ©2016 Promotion is not affiliated or sponsored by the Sung Users Group.