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About XBlock SD Cameras

iShot XBlock small EX and IX cameras offer a variety of configurations utilizing the Sony FCB-IX11A EX11D and Sony EX20D block camera. We have a variety of block camera housings for sony block cameras. Our indoor and outdoor housings have Ip ratings. The XBlock indoor block camera housings range between IP-40 to IP-50. This means the camera housing is protected against solid objects over 1mm and protected against water sprayed from all directions - limited ingress permitted.

The Xblock outdoor block camera housings range between IP-67 and IP-68. The camera housing is protected against water and some immersion ranging from 15 cm up to 100 feet depending on your application. Select from a basic indoor housing with BNC connection - up to an elaborate ruggedized and waterproof housing with hand-held remote controller, HD-SDI connection, LED illumination ring and 1/4 - 20 mount. The ccd cameras, small Sony Block ex and ix configurations, are used with police dashcams or in car police camereas, license plate recognition cameras, security, surveillance, ITS cameras, visual inspection, machine vision, video conferencing, traffic, military, auvsi, unmanned robotics, and aerospace.

iShot Imaging's XBlock HD Cameras offer an incredibly rich and crisp video output utilizing the FCBH11, FCB-EH3300, FCB-EH3400 and FCB-E H6300 Sony Block Cameras. The variety of ccd camera configurations to choose from begin with a basic indoor camera housing with BNC connection. Up to an elaborate ruggidized camera housing and waterproof camera housing with hand held controller and HDSDI connection.